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We helped over thusand of international students to attain offers from universities, vocational colleges, high schools, and English colleges. 

You just need to send us an email. We will do the work for you. Documents needed

For Applying for your student visa, you need to apply for your course first. 

With our migration solicitor partners, we cater to different cases, and provide customized solutions for our clients. 

Check what visas we could cover. 

For booking for OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), you could complete it here.  

Important information about duration. 

For insurance for other visas, please send us request via email info@australiabase.com

Please use this format for subtitle: Insurance_ Your Name

For booking for Homestay or guardianship service, please send us your passport and booking form. Download from here


via email info@australiabase.com

Please use this format for subtitle: Homestay_ Your Name


1328, L13, 2 Park Street, Sydney, NSW Australia 2000

B714 Shuguang International, 

Shuguang Middle Road, Hi-tech 

Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, China



P: + 61 02 9004 7770

F: + 61 02 9004 7070

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