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Overseas Student Health Cover

All student visa holders are required to have adequate health

insurance while they are in Australia.

This means that the insurance must commence from the date the student

arrives in Australia on their student visa and must be in effect until the

student leaves Australia or moves to a non-student visa subclass. If a student visa holder is in Australia and does not hold health insurance, they are in breach of visa condition 8501, even if their course has not yet started.

Adequate health insurance is generally defined as Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). The following students are considered to have adequate health insurance and do not need to purchase OSHC:

o Norwegian students covered by the National Insurance Scheme;
o Swedish students who have insurance provided by CSN International or Kammarkkllegiet and;
o Belgian students.

It is a legislative requirement that a student must provide evidence they have made arrangements for adequate health insurance when they lodge the student visa application. A health insurance policy must cover a student’s entire period of stay in Australia on a student visa. 

** Generally students will be granted a visa and may wish to travel to Australia before their course begins. OSHC should start from the actual date student arrives in Australia. If you would like to travel to Australia before your course begins, you may purchase your OSHC from one month time earlier than your course start date. Normally visa will be granted one to two months longer than your course duration. Therefore, you may purchase your OSHC until two months later than your course finish date. Your visa will not be granted for the period after your OSHC ends. Course start date and finish date could be found on your eCOE. 

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