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188C Significant Investment Visa (SIV)
Asset requirements: at least A$5 million;
Processing Time: 9-18 months
Investment of 5 million Australian dollars, no language / age / work experience / entrepreneurship, easy to transfer to permanent resident.

Australia 188C investment immigration, is for large assets of the immigration project, applicants are required to declare 5 million Australian dollars of assets, a reasonable explanation of the source of funds, the later 5 million Australian dollars of assets to be realized and invested through the fund company. Obtaina a four-year, three-month visa, which maintains the principal applicant's 40-day residence per year or the spouse's 180-day residence per year, and maintains a sustained investment of A$5 million, which can be applied for permanent residence through 888C after 4 years. Suitable for high net worth people who want to immigrate to Australia simply. The advantages of the project are: no age limit requirements, no score, no English requirements.

Project Benefits

Invest 5 million Australian dollars in Australia to designate compliance investment products

Suitable for people:
Business owners, high net worth asset holders
Application conditions

1, the husband and wife under the name of the individual and family assets not less than 5 million Australian dollars;
2. Invest 5 million Australian dollars in Australian-designated investment products (private equity funds/equity funds/other company debt funds), which will be derived from declared family net assets.

Note: Accompanying children are under 20 years of age (children over 18 years of age must be unmarried and stay full-time)

Transfer 888 Permanent Residence Visa Requirements

1, the applicant's 4 years of residence period, continue to invest 5 million Australian dollars to Australia qualified investment products for 4 years;
2, During the period of 2 and 4 years of residence, the main applicant has lived for 40 days per year, or the spouse has lived for 180 days per year.

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