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Business investment immigrants fall into the category of skilled immigrants, with scoring requirements, but the scoring system is different from that of independent skilled immigrants.

Among investment immigrants, the basic requirement in the scoring system is to get 65 points, the score assessment structure includes: age, English proficiency, education, business experience, personal and commercial net assets, business turnover, innovation ability and other business specific recognition, such as product patents.

Visas 188A, 188C and 132 are currently the most popular form of investment immigration.

Australia Base

The Australian Employer-sponsored 482 visa, also known as the Temporary Shortage Visa, is a new visa introduced in Australia to replace the original 457 employer-sponsored visa. Eligible applicants will be granted permanent residency in Australia.

TSS visas fall into three categories:
Short-term TSS visa: The visa is valid for up to 2 years. Applicants must nominate occupations on the STSOL list. Cannot transfer to permanent residence visa;

Medium- and long-term TSS visa: Visas are valid for up to 4 years. Nominated occupations must be on the MLTSSL list or the ROL list. After 3 years of working for an employer, you will have the opportunity to apply for a permanent residence visa;

TSS Visa: Employers bring in skilled workers from overseas through government labour agreements.


One of the most sought-after immigration routes for international students, applicants do not need to obtain the guarantee of any person or institution, according to their own academic qualifications and technical conditions in accordance with the scoring form to confirm the score.

On the 11th of each month, the immigration department issues an EOI invitation to applicants who meet the score requirements even if they do not have a study experience in Australia, but will also have the opportunity to apply as long as the nominated occupation is on the MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List) list.

After visa granted, you will be granted Australian permanent residence status, enjoy all the treatment of PR. At the same time, other people can be guaranteed to immigrate to Australia, such as spouse immigration, parents immigration, etc.

Before submitting the EOI, you can evaluate your score by using the score form.

Australia Base
Other Immigration Visas

There are a number of other immigration categories in Australia, and depending on the applicant's own conditions, you may have other ways to apply for immigration, specific details are welcome to consult our immigration consultants.

Other major categories of immigration are:

- Partner immigration

- Parental immigration

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