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188A Business Innovation Immigrant Visa
Asset requirements: at least A$800,000;
Processing time:6-9 months
200,000 Australian dollars to invest in the Australian business, start a business for 2 years to meet the living, operating conditions can be transferred to permanent resident.

The Australian 188A Visa, a start-up immigration program launched by the Australian Government in 1981, was formerly 163A and has a history of 40 years, making it one of the longest-running and policy-sustainable immigration programs in the Commonwealth. 188A is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized shareholders. 188A is a four-year residence visa, the applicant is signed, the need to venture capital investment of 200,000 Australian dollars, and the start-up completed 2 years, while meeting the operating and living conditions can apply for permanent residence. 188A application threshold is low, immigration costs are low, so it is popular with small and medium-sized business owners.

Project Benefits

Main applicant
Under 55 years of age


Household net assets
Not less than A$800,000


Household net assets
Not less than A$800,000


Score : 65 points


Previous success
business experience

Less investment:

Just AUD$200,000

Low threshold:

No language, no education requirements


Average 6-9 months, fastest case with 3 months approved

Flexible living:

Spouse may replace the main applicant for residence

Application conditions

1, the main applicant age of 55 years or less, accompanying children under 20 years of age, unmarried and maintain full-time reading;
2, the husband and wife under the name of the individual and family net assets of not less than 800,000 Australian dollars;
3. In 2 of the last 4 fiscal years, the company's annual turnover is not less than A$500,000;
4. In 2 of the last 4 fiscal years, the husband and wife's shareholding ratio is not less than 30%;
5, the commercial selection system (EOI) score is not less than 65 points, Victoria state is not less than 80 points;

Application conditions for transfer to permanent residence:

As long as either of the spouses meets the requirements of start-up (residence), they can become the main applicant for the 888 permanent residence visa.

Transfer 888 Permanent Residence Visa Requirements

1, holding a 4-year residence visa period, to meet the requirements of 2 years of entrepreneurship;
2, 2 years before the application, the shareholding is not less than 30%;
3, the year before the application, the annual turnover of at least 300,000 Australian dollars, if the shareholding is less than 51%, the annual turnover of at least 400,000 Australian dollars;
4, During the 2 years of starting a business, live in the guaranteed state for at least 1 year (22 months in Victoria)
5, the following 3 conditions, to meet at least 2 conditions:
1) The net assets of the family under the name of the husband and wife amount to A$600,000;
2) Holding the company's net assets of 200,000 Australian dollars;
3) Hire 2 full-time local employees (Victoria must employ at least one person);

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