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188B Business Investment Visa
Asset requirements: A$2.25 million;
Processing time: 12-18 months, fastest 12 months 
$1.5 million invests in Australian bonds, stabilizes fixed income and quickly takes Australian identity.

The 188B Visa australia, an investment immigration program launched by the Australian Government in 1981, was 165 years old and is one of the longest-running and policy-sustainable immigration programs in the Commonwealth. Investor Visa, Australia's 188B Investor Immigration, is a commercial immigration channel for investors in Australia, for people with real estate, equities, funds and other areas of investment experience. Meet the application conditions for the project, invest and maintain 1.5 million Australian dollars for 4 years, and meet simple living conditions, after 4 years can be transferred to permanent residence to get an Australian green card.

Project Benefits

Main applicant
Under 55 years of age


2 years of household net assets
No less than A$2.25 million


Eligible investment experience


Score : 65 points

Suitable for people:
Large and medium-sized business owners, shareholders, professional investors
Application conditions

1, the main applicant age of 55 years or less, accompanied by children under 20 years of age, unmarried and maintain full-time reading;
2. In the past 2 financial years, the net assets of the individual and family under the name of the husband and wife are not less than A$2.25 million;
3, 3 years of successful investment experience
4. 1 of the five declared investment management years, with an investment market value of A$1.5 million;
5. Earn 1.5 million Australian dollars through legitimate investment;
6, the commercial selection system (EOI) is not less than 65 points;
7. Invest 1.5 million Australian dollars to buy government-designated bonds in Australia, which requires 1.5 million Australians to be derived from declared investment products.

Transfer 888 Permanent Residence Visa Requirements

1. During the four-year residence visa period, the main applicant shall maintain A$1.5 million to invest in government-designated bonds for 4 years;

2, the main applicant 4 years residence visa period, the cumulative residence of 2 years.

Note: 188B applicants can exchange the main deputy application in the application 888B stage, that is, 188B deputy applicant can be used as the main applicant of 888B to meet the investment and residence requirements and thus apply for permanent residence.

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